What are assets used for?

Flash assets are used to add interactivity, fun and engagement to Atlantic Link rapid eLearning courses. They can be inserted into the courses to make the learning experience more engaging as well as offer a variety of different quiz types, games, exercises, feedback forms and more.

How do authors use assets?

It is extremely easy to use our Flash assets – they are embedded inside the software. Authors simply drag them onto the page, choose their unique properties (color, text, questions…) and then publish.

How do learners benefit?

For learners, Flash assets mean that learning will be more interesting and most of all, more interactive. With our range of interactive quizzes (including 'drag and drop' and 'crossword'), assessments can be a lot more fun than the traditional Multiple-choice quizzes.

How do authors benefit?

For authors, no Flash programming experience is needed to take advantage of the Flash assets. Just drop them onto a page and type in the required values. Anyone that can use a computer can create truly interactive eLearning courses in hours instead of weeks.